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Individual brokers have lodged up to 33 loans and settled over $8,000,000 in a month with SmartApply.

Why SmartApply

SmartApply is used by you and your clients to make every step from first contact to loan settlement smart, simple and safe.

Self Serve

Our Client Kiosk means less work for everyone from first call to loan selection, to application and settlement .

Auto Pilot

SmartApply is your 24/7 assistant sending messages and documents to your clients as they need them.

Less Risk

SmartApply’s in-built checks, doc builder and our expert Application Quality Audits make compliance easy.

More Time

SmartApply™ eliminates hassle so you’ll have more time to work on your golf swing/relationships/sales funnel.

Protect your reputation.

Your reputation, commissions and future business relies on your compliance.
SmartApply™ delivers superior service and compliance in a snap.

Client Satisfaction
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Have brokers lodged 30+ deals in a month?

Yes. You don’t need an assistant as SmartApply™ empowers your clients to explore and interact. It also does useful tasks automatically like sending the right checklist so your client can start uploading documents instantly – even if you’re busy doing something else.

Have brokers settled $8M+ in a month?

Yes. SmartApply™ includes full file and settlement support by our Application Quality and Settlements Team. This means as well as getting your loan applications approved and settled, you get a second set of qualified eyes to review each application for gaps, pitfalls and problems.

Can I stay with my current aggregator?

Yes. SmartApply is fully independent so our service is compatible with any aggregator. That means you can choose the aggregation deal you want without locking your client base and compliance history up in the process and get the super efficient benefits of SmartApply.

What is an Independent Audit?

Mistakes can do anything from delay or complicate approval, to costing you deals or worse, your license. Our Independent Audits check  your deal is completed correctly; meets your responsible lending obligations and lender’s credit policy and submission criteria to speed things up and help keep you safe.

Is SmartApply Australian based?

Yes. We are Australian and independently owned. Our founders have 30+ years property finance experience and everything from design to support is performed in Australia. Our servers and data are located in a tier-one Sydney data centre so no work or data is ever sent offshore.

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