Do Less. Get More. Stay Safe.

Individual brokers have lodged up to 33 loans and settled over $8,000,000 in a month with SmartApply.

Protect your reputation.

Your reputation, commissions and future business relies on your compliance.
SmartApply delivers superior service and compliance in a snap.

Built by a team who have 30+ years combined experience working in the Mortgage Broker industry and 8+ years experience in building Financial Technology solutions.

SmartApply is an all-in-one independent CRM Software, Compliance and Audit solution for Mortgage Brokers and is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Client Satisfaction achieved by a Brokerage using SmartApply
Popular Lenders product sets maintained in SmartApply

SmartApply is used by you and your clients to make every step from first contact to loan settlement smart, simple and safe.

Do Less.

Your Clients can

Complete an online Fact Find

Compare and Choose a Quote

Upload Supporting Documents

Track Application progress

You can

Automate follow-ups

Issue online Quotes

Call, Email, SMS and IM contacts

Autofill compliance documents

Get More.

Productivity up

Peak lodgements up 175%

Peak settlements up 82%

33 lodgements (1 Broker in a month)

Withdrawn apps down 88%

Client satisfaction up

Net Promoter Score of 76

Stay Safe.

Broker protections

Communication history

Call recording

Supporting Document audit trail

User action audit trail

100% field change tracking

Client Quote selection analytics

Quote commission disclosure

Statistics displayed above were derived from live Broker data captured during SmartApply R&D phase. Net Promoter Score of 76 was achieved by a Brokerage using SmartApply.

MFAA Exclusive Member Offer

We're excited to offer MFAA Members an exclusive
20% discount across all SmartApply fees!
Service Standard +GST MFAA +GST
Base monthly charges
 – per broker login $159 $127
 – per settlements/support login $50 $40
Usage fees
 – storage fee per scenario $11.99 $9.59
 – pre submission independent audit (optional) $229 $183
 – settlement management fee (optional) $500 $400
  • Base monthly charges are paid 6 months 3 months (MFAA offer) in advance then monthly thereafter.
  • Usage fees are charged in arrears and only become applicable on use of SmartApply.
  • Pre submission independent audit is optional for Applications ready to submit to the Lender.
  • Settlement management fee covers Application Lodgement and Settlement by SmartApply.
Self Serve

Our Client Kiosk means less work for everyone from first call to loan selection, to application and settlement.

More Time

Broker productivity is boosted through automation and Client friendly forms.

Less Risk

Robust data tracking helps protect Brokers from tricky ‘they said – we said’ situations.

Aggregator Friendly

No need to change Aggregator. SmartApply can connect to their CRM via API.*

Compliance Focused

Seemlessly helps Brokers fulfil their Responsible Lending and Best Interest Duty obligations.

Auto Pilot

SmartApply is your 24/7 assistant sending messages and documents to your clients as they need them.

*API availability depends on Aggregator support.

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